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How do I make a move on a guy that I like?

He's 2 years older than me and went to school with my best friends older cousin. This cousin, Nate, kinda sees me and my friend, Erin, as little sister types. He hangs out with us sometimes but when he's with his friends we get brushed off. Anyways I went on vacation with her and her family, and her cousin brought his really cute friend. He's super sweet, funny, respectful, and I've been subtly flirting with him and teasing him every time I see him. He would always give up his seat for me and look at me with this cute side eye that looked a little flirty but I'm not sure what he's feeling. We all went to his house for dinner and met his parents. They were awesome and they talked a lot about his ex girlfriends for some reason, to which he mentioned one of them was the one that got away. Sometimes he would say "you guys are like my second family" and make jokes about being an adopted cousin. But I really want to ask for his number or his Snapchat but I don't want it to be awkward. Im afraid since the cousin, Nate, sees my friend and I as little sister types that his cute friend will too. How can I get a way to talk to him more once we leave without embarrassing myself?
How do I make a move on a guy that I like?
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