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Why did my boyfriend bring up my weight?

My boyfriend has been different from me recently. he's got some mental health issues that he's been dealing with. Getting meds on track etc. This has affected our sex life a bit. And that's what I attributed the distance, meds.
He recently said that he shouldn't be dating while he's going through this depression and a custody battle with his ex wife. But he fell in love with me and his feelings for me aren't any different. But he needs space to cope with his issues.
On Monday we sat down to talk about stuff and somewhere in the conversation he mentions another reason he's been distant... that he's never dated a woman with my build. I'm tall, I'm busty and I'm thick around the midsection. But I've been this way the whole time we've been together. In fact I've lost 10 to 15 lbs since we met. I've been asking him to join me at the gym, he's gained 10 to 15 lbs since we met and I dont care. But for me the gym would not only improve our health but our minds and help naturally get rid of depression. But he said he wouldn't join unless he saw me doing it 1st, so I joined yesterday. Whether he comes with I'm going to feel better about me. I hate that he brought up my biggest insecurity but it pushed me to go.
He said he'd join me now...
Why did my boyfriend bring up my weight?
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