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It is normal that my husband reacted by hitting me?

Please tell me your opinions.
We are married 3 years now. We are a young couple (I 26 and he 32)
Our relationship is normal. We communicate calmly with each other.
Our sex life is the best. He knows I enjoy some gentle taps on my bottom once in a while. I initiated this by convincing him it's ok cause it is consensual. He barely accepted it, as he never wanted to hurt me. Until last night.
After a surgery and a long recovery, I became addicted to painkillers. Can't stand pain. Zero tolerance. Since then, whenever I have a light pain I take pills. We had some arguments because of this lately. He even made me to consult a doctor about it who had the same advice as my husband:stop and drink tea instead.
So last night we were in the club, enjoying a drink when my purse fell over. My husband saw the bottle of 25 pills which was bought recently and he seemed shocked, because it was almost empty. Here we go again. We started to fight when suddenly he was pulling my arm, heading upstairs to VIP room. He calmly sat down and kept on starring at me. For the first time since I met him, I was afraid. Didn't have time to think about it because next, he put me across his knee, face down. My mind was blank again and all I said was that this is not the place and the time for a game. He flipped up my skirt, telling me:"I'm not playing."In that moment I started kicking, trying to get loose. Seb is a strong man so, no matter how much I struggled, I could not get away. He started spanking me really hard, ignoring my words. After a few minutes I was crying saying repeatedly that it hurts. He asked me if I would fancy some pills for that. I burst out laughing and crying in the same time. After a while he stopped but I could not move an inch. I didn't want to face him. He apologized and told me he loves me. I went straight to a friend's house. I'm confused. Why did he do that when we always resolve our problems by talk? Did anyone had these kind of weird experiences?
It is normal that my husband reacted by hitting me?
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