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Girls, How can I convince him?

Well I am dating a guy for two months. He is highly intelligent , good looking , have many talent and he actually cooks very well (which I like most ) .
He is so perfect I actually like him very much , for first I was actually thinking how can a guy like this be single. But he was quiet shy back then.
I am not that much talented like him.
The problem is he is a virgin ( I didn’t believed it for first time ) and I had some past relationships , he is 25 years old. He said he waited for the right girl which is kind of cute.
Somehow my past is still bothering him even though I have said that I don’t care that much.
How to convince him? Any of you faced this like situation before with your s. o?
I don’t want to lose him over this , he is really a great guy , I have never seen guy like him.
Please help...
Girls, How can I convince him?
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