Girls, do you think masculinity is a bad thing?

There's this recent school of thought that many feminist and non-feminist women (and even some men!) have taken up that masculinity is the source of all things wrong with society from robberies, bullying, violence, gender based violence, sexual harassment , rape etc... The term is refereed to as toxic masculinity this basically means that masculinity is inherently bad and must be changed to something more feminine which is viewed as better by the school of thought.

They try to change masculinity by encouraging men to be homosexual, being more vulnerable, encouraging crying, wanting men to be submissive to women the list goes on. From the men's side there's a huge resistance to this school of thought and it grows ever stronger. Some men say society has a lack of masculinity. There was a controversial ad by a razor company I no longer buy from called Gillette that just touched on the matter a little bit. I'm a guy I already know what I think girls what do you think, thanks.
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Girls, do you think masculinity is a bad thing?
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