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Are we becoming more than friends?

I met this Indian girl at the start of our program in college and we quickly became friends. Over the last few months however, we have gotten a lot closer. I am currently trying to figure out if she would be open to taking things further or if we are just fantastic friends. As I am notoriously bad at reading people, I thought I would go ahead and ask and see what others think.

We spend a lot of time together. We are in many of the same classes and clubs. She invites me to a lot of cultural events at our university. She is usually down to do something fun (getting dinner, going to events, seeing movies, coming over and playing board games). I also took her skiing this past winter, and if we don’t have any specific plans, she often tells me to let her know if I want to do something. When we eat together, we often share food and try each other’s drinks and have shared a fork. We can talk about everything. During one of our conversations when I mentioned that I wanted to visit India and that she should tell me some fun less touristy stuff to do, she quietly asked if I wanted to go to her brother’s wedding. She is not very touchy which she once explained was because PDA and touching people is frowned upon where she is from. When she found out that I got a job, she jokingly asked when I was going to take her out. She also mentioned while we were talking about how weddings work in her culture, that she might be willing to have hers here if she meets the right guy.
Are we becoming more than friends?
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