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We text every day but only one text per day?

I've been seeing this guy for almost 3 months, he and i are very busy. more so he than me so it took us about 2 months of texting every day to actually meet up (my fault). after our first date, we saw each other 5 times in 2 weeks or so and then we both became busy again. I know what you are thinking, No one is THAT busy. but he really is, i notice he still texts me every day but its one text a day. so i'll reply to his text as soon as i see it. and then he replies to my text once he sees it, and it continues on like that so we have never ended the convo.

some times we have a long convo going before he goes quiet for a day again and then responds. he was supposed to plan a date for this week but he hasn't given me a time or day yet. he mentioned that these next 3 weeks are super important for his job. Could it be that he just hasn't found the time? im 24 and he is 33. should i not stress him and just wait for him to ask me out again?
We text every day but only one text per day?
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