Can't choose between two great guys?

Okay so a guy I have been Really Interested in told me he wasn't ready to date me because of a bad break up he just had. We still talk and hang out and I still really like him but, I started an account on this online dating site and started getting to know a guy there who lives in another state, he seems like a great guy, tonight we where making plans to finnally meet after talking for6months when the 1st guy texted me and asked me to be his girl. Now niether of them know about the other so its not a jealousy thing but I do not know what to do now. ANY ADVICE?


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  • I'd say yes to the first guy, because because online dating sites are not that trustable.. and I would deactivate or else say that you got into a relationship with the first guy.. I mean you actually really like the first guy right? SO, I don't know.. just saying.. I would have chosen the first...

    Honestly, I wouldn't have started an account in an online dating site.. but still... I don't know... I'd say yes to the first guy... BUT YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOUR HEART!


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