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He has only broken up with an ex, too soon?

We met two weeks ago through friends. We spent Saturday and Sunday together on both weekends. On the last weekend he knew which pub I was going to and he was there. We have shared one kiss. We shared a bed but only cuddled. We text every day, where I normally instigate but he always replys straight away.

The problem is, he has been honest and said that the girl he was seeing broke up with him. From what i can see, they were together a month but friends for years.

He is saying that there is "no rush" and it would look really bad if he moved on so quickly. He is saying that he doesn't want to get too close whilst she is out of the country because he doesn't want to hurt either of us.

We had a bit of an argument because he said at one point "things aren't quite over with my ex" I thought that meant they were still together but he phrased that wrong.

I have said to him that I can't spend anymore time with him until he knows where his head is. I am limiting communication and continuing to date. Best advice please people, am I doing the right thing? Will his ex come back and he forgets all about me?
He has only broken up with an ex, too soon?
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