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Is my mother being overly judgmental?

So I have been single for my entire life. Since I have been in my late teens, I have been concerned about my single status. Maybe I have a reason to be or maybe I have too high of an opinion of myself. But I don’t get how a relationship has not presented itself for 25 years. And the few times guys have shown “interest” (can’t tell if it’s platonic or romantic), it isn’t by a guy I’d usually pursue. And I know women get approached by guys they actually fancy.

I was bitching with my mother the other day at breakfast. And I feel she may have said this out of being annoyed. But she said that “you are alone because you choose to be”. And that kind of hit me hard. I don’t think it’s true. And one day I was saying that when my brothers (now teen boys) get a girlfriend, they will be on their own and I will still be hanging out with my remaining family. She said “if you stay single for that long, that’s your choice”.

I think she lacks empathy and doesn’t understand because she met my dad at 18 and they were married for 10 years. I feel like I am one of those women that don’t get noticed by the opposite sex regardless of the effort I put into my appearance.

Does anyone see where I’m coming from?
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Is my mother being overly judgmental?
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