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Can dating a professional sportsman work?

Hey Girls (or Guys),
I’m in a relationship with a professional basketball player right now. We have been together for 4 months. He plays the European league but currently plays for our country representation. His job, passion, hobby, basketball is everything to him therefore it’s always the No.1 priority. I support him in his career but he doesn’t have much time for me. He trains 4x a day (2h each training) + working out + school, he rarely sees his family and friends, the most of the free time he has he spends with me. He is constantly travelling and basically he is living on a train. And to top it off we live 400km apart and next year I’ll be 800 km apart. Now we manage to see each other once in one or two weeks but it will get a lot harder with the start of the next season.

Does es any of you have an experience with dating such a busy person? + Could you give me some tips for a long distance relationship? Does it ever work?

More details: he told me that all his previous relationships crashed because the girls couldn’t handle that basketball is his No.1 priority not her and that he doesn’t has much time for them, neither see them nor text them. The only things he does is eat, sleep and ballin’ . The only lasting relationship he has is with basketball.

How can our relationship not fail because of the same reasons? I will be grateful for any tips.
Can dating a professional sportsman work?
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