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How should I tell her that I don’t want a second date?

I met up with this girl after a couple weeks of talking, because it took us a while to meet things got pretty sexual by the time we met. We pretty much immediately hooked up once I got there. But afterwards, both right after and over the next couple days, I realized I don’t want a second date/I’m not even sure if I’m in a good place to be in a relationship.

Work also has gotten really bad in the past week, I was already thinking about looking for a different job (which would result in me moving away most likely) but this week has pretty much cemented that decision. Plus I just didn’t feel that big of a connection, we are still texting a bit but I want to let her down easy... I have been distant and I really don’t want to hurt her, but continuing to go out with her will only make things harder I think... I feel terrible because I feel like I’ve led her on since we flirted for so long before... I wanted it to work out but sometimes it just doesn’t. what should I say?
How should I tell her that I don’t want a second date?
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