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Would you date a guy if he has a baby with his ex while still dating you?

I mean you been dating this new girl for 3 years and the baby you had with your ex it is just 1 yrd and 6 months old. Do the math!!

Lets say you had been dating a girl casually for 3 years. It turns out there is a chance your boyfriend got his ex pregnant while still beign with you but the guy is nto dating his ex though , he for sure cheated on you, because the baby is 1yrd and 6 months old and you been dating the lady for 3 years. The guy did not really get back to his ex as they are still separated.

The guy continue to date the lady and it seems the lady does not mind what he did. What kind of relationship is that between a man and a woman? For m e that is not love.

And the worst part is taht the guy had been separated from his ex for 9 yrs!!! and so far his divorce had not been even final yet so under the countrys national Citizens civil registry institute eyes the guy is still married to his ex, therefore the baby has both of the guy and the motherĀ“s last name even if physical and presence they had not been together for 9 years they just see together when it is something related to the 2 teenage children they have in common and they had them when they were a couple and they were together. There is even a chance the baby is not even my cousins but for the Citizens registry until my cousin divorce is not really final, the baby will still have his last name so if his ex wishes and behave like a bitch, she can ask a judge for her ex to support that baby.

That is my cousin situation and what a pig he is
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Let me clarify my cousin is not dating his ex now or after they got separatated, they only reason for their communication is when it is related to the 2 teeenage kids they have in common and for the alimony he pays her each month.
Would you date a guy if he has a baby with his ex while still dating you?
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