What do you guys think, do you think I can get a date out of this girl?

I just met this really gorgeous girl yesterday in this home party, I loved her she is gorgeous she is really nice and likes to talk...a lot which I really like, because I hate pulling conversations out of girls.

We talked for a good 2 hours and 30 minutes non stopping, I flirted a little bit not too much, she seemed OK with it, I rather built rapture first. She shared with me really personal stuff, which I found interesting.

Anyhow she seemed to enjoy my company and then when I asked for her phone she told me she won't give it to me because it is too personal, although she said add me through Facebook.

So what do you think?


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  • sounds like she just likes to talk lol, but if you got the sense that she enjoyed talking to you then chances are she's being real with her reasoning. I understand her not giving out her number to some guy you only met once at a party. I think you still have a chance, it just that despite talking for so long you don't really "know her well enough" yet. that's what I think she's feeling, so take her up on the facebook thing and keep talking to her through that first


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