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How to bring up certain topic?

I met this guy few months ago. Whenever I was working at the pub, he was coming there even though there's plenty of clubs, bars and pubs around.. He texted me every day, asking how I was, what I'm up to etc. He was asking me out multiple times but there was always a reason (valid ones) not to (from my side) and one night about two weeks ago, he asked me to hang out and we did. We were talking all evening, about random stuff, about anything. At the end, he pulled me in a kiss. It was amazing. He texted me the next day and every day afterwards until now. We went to a festival together, acting like a couple. His friends were there, mine too but we didn't hide. It felt like we've been together for a long time even though we weren't exclusive, at least we didn't talk about what we are and what we want. The reason for me not bringing it up was because he was supposed to fly away to another country for work and I knew we couldn't be serious and that this is just sort of a fling. I didn't sleep with him and he didn't push me to it. I know he likes me, I like him too and I wouldn't mind being in a long distance relationship but I assumed that he doesn't want anything serious. He never brought up the topic about us (what we are) and the fact that he's known for being a guy who likes to flirt, knows a lot of women I assumed I'm just another girl he's having fun time with. But, the confusing part is that even though he's away now, he still texts me every day, he still wants to know where I am, what I'm up to, how I am etc. He's even planning to go on a trip when he comes back here (in a few months) and is serious about it. He brought up future, that includes us together, a few times actually. So, how can I approach him about what we are and what's next without seeming clingy and needy? Or should I just let it be and go with a flow? I hate having awkward conversations and I usually dont know what to say especially not now, I've never been in this situation before..
How to bring up certain topic?
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