Can a person call dibs on the opposite sex?(dibs rule?)

I started hanging out with an old gal pal. She introduced me to her crew (most I already knew) we went to a party and this guy they all knew came around. Charming cute..bought me a drink straight away. We all hung out every weekend for three weeks. Last week one of the girls told me she had a crush on him.(she was looking @ me when she said it...she wasn't mean about it. I think it just slipped out)

This weekend we were all busy...but my plans were canceled because of the stupid rain anyways ... I posted on fb "game cancelled. Chillin' watching Netflix"

He text me like 10mins later to go chill...I thought it was cool. Because him and I are like the same. I went over we w he'd stupid comedy episodes on Netflix for a few hours talked laughed didn't drink alcohol so it was cool. Then he kissed me. It caught m off guard.

I told him why I was shocked and a bit uncomfortable (I thought he wanted to be friends )

He explained he could tell me how he felt because the girls were always around. He knew his friend liked him but he's never liked her in that way. He said he likes me. We make out for a few hours.

What do I do?


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  • If you like the guy than go for it. All's fair in love and war.

    • but the girl who likes him is hella cool and I went there just to hangout(like we usual) not to make-out.

      He's hot and I think it's a more sexual thing between us. So I don't wanna FWB w/him because she might get hurt. I'm just gonna TRY to keep strict friends...but he's so HOT/Funny/Smart (girls can be superficial too lol )

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  • your friend is gonna hate you if you start dating him even though he was never into her. so decide who you want: your friend or that guy. you can tell the guy to tell your friend that he just wants to be friends with her but she'll probably still be mad if you start dating him.

    • I've never chosen a guy over a friend...and I don't want to start now :-)

      Even though...he's freaking hot! and such a great kisser...ugggggh

  • go 4 it