Getting with your best guy friend?

Me and my best friend went a fancy dress party at the weekend. we were both pretty drunk and we ended up kissing alot. I'm not to sure what to make of it as we both went out with each other 4 years ago. Were both single and I was just wondering what other people thought as some say drink brings out the truth. Thankyou!


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  • hmm to be honest I think that once you're with someone, however long ago, you'll still harbor some feelings for them deep down inside, or at least there's a good chance you remember those feelings you did have and if they were good, you wouldn't mind having the opportunity to experience them again. it doesn't really mean anything more necessarily that you guys kissed after a few drinks.. it happens a lot now lol as long as you two are chill with each other and pretty much on the same page then its no big deal