So why do women get pissed of if I try to get dates?

I'm not good looking guy to a should even try?

please! Even ugly guys need loving.

is love only for the beautiful/ the socially excepted.

they try destroy my social life.


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  • I don't know why anyone would be mad that you are trying to find dates. Perhaps it's your approach? If you go on about how ugly you are, and put yourself down, that is not attractive at all. Try to have confidence. Just because one girl said you were ugly doesn't mean you are ugly to everyone. Good looks are subjective, meaning everyone is attracted to different things. So don't count yourself out. Try hanging out at different places.

    • well then all that matters in fitting in and I don't.I don't have a shot in hell I'm more Young woody Allen then bratt pitt.

    • Some guys attract nearly ever girl without even meeting .example you see a picture of a model.

    • I'm not into model looking guys. I just want a regular guy. Someone who doesn't think they are too good for anyone else :S

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  • Try to get dates from girls who are on your level. If you aren't good looking then try to pursue girls who are equally as not good looking. Sorry to sound so harsh but if you are only looking at beautiful girls then you are going to have a much harder time than if you went for girls on your level.

    • yea .well I girl who ugly to a supermodel is hot in my eye :) because when I look at the mirror at my funny big ears long skiny face and drupey I see "sexy ass me"lol

  • Personality conquers all. Because when you've been married 50 years neither of you have a change in hell of still being attractive. You just need to find someone more interested in a long term future. Someone who doesn't believe in divorce. Keep at trying!


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