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Jealous over 9000 (not really)?

Sooo I have this friend that I've know for a while. We were classmates since 7th grade. We barely talked to each other up until 11th grade we started talking. We've always been friends nothing more. he's just a social and nice guy. I'm the awkward shy gal. Jump to the present. My boyfriend thinks that he likes me😑😑 my friend already has a girlfriend! I've seen them both together and they are adorable. But my boyfriend doesn't believe me... I guess I understand where its coming from. But how do I convince him that he doesn't. It just bothers me that he thinks that. One time when we were arguing he brought him up "oh I bet your friend carl (not his real name but ex) blah blah" that's a short summary about what goes on...
Jealous over 9000 (not really)?
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