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Do I sound like I’m the victim of my lack of dating history?

So I’m 25. Never been in a relationship. I suppose I’ve attempted dating and it hasn’t worked out. I don’t think I’m ugly, I’ve recently lost weight and attempt to maintain a healthy physical appearance. I’ve been told I’m pretty during my life. People would make comments like why are you single, what’s wrong with these boys etc.

And to be frank, it bothers me. My mom was 18 when she met my dad, that was her first real relationship and they got married. I’ve always expected love to find me and it hasn’t. If I’m not ugly, why have I never been approached?

Dont even lie, I know dating is shallow so that’s the first thing a guy sees. I’ve been “asked out” and “approached” by guys I don’t find attractive. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to be approached by a guy I’d want to date. Online dating has been shit, I usually give up talking to guys after a while. I hear of women get approached all the time, they don’t even try.

I just want a happy love life like everyone else and I feel like that’s the least that I can get out of life.
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Do I sound like I’m the victim of my lack of dating history?
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