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How do I get over this fear?

Hi there, I met this guy about a month ago, he’s amazing, he listens, he cares, he’s funny... totally everything I want & more. Unfortunately he just got out of a relationship recently & he thought he wanted to be in another one but just realized that he doesn’t. I get that. He says he doesn’t want the commitment right now but he still wants to talk everyday & meet up sometimes. He says he does like me but he has to heal more. He also said that even though we aren’t together he’s not going to mess around. I’ve dated so many assholes & they’ve all lied, so naturally, I’m scared. I know he’s telling the truth but I can’t shake the fact that maybe he’ll be going out messing around. I hate it, it’s my anxiety. What can I do to shake this? I don’t want to seem psycho. Is this normal? & should I trust it? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
How do I get over this fear?
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