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Most common place to find a gf/bf?

i am at an age where i should start thinking seriously about marriage and iam working hard to have a good job and make money (i did graduate college) , problem is i can't seem to find a suitable girlfriend , and by suitable i mean as decent as me, shares the same values and i find her attractive... I never had a problem with attracting women they find me attractive but i rarely stumble upon a girl i find attractive, dcent and is also single , which is starting to dissappoint me.

most people find their partners during school, college, work or through friends/ friends of siblings... my sisters almost have no friends and the ones they have are far from what iam looking for, friends have no sisters that i could date, at college i did meet some but most of them are either not decent for anything long term or they have emotional baggage that makes connecting with them tough.. at work the youngest female is like 35 which is 10 years older than me... if all these places failed to land me a girlfriend what else can i do? i have no interest in online dating, its even a worse idea.
Most common place to find a gf/bf?
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