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Looking for opinions: Age difference, work relationships, and college?

I am not exactly looking for advice here, though it is welcome if you feel you have some you would like to share. Primarily what I am looking for is opinions on the situation I have.

To set the stage: I am an authority figure at my job. One of the employees I am in charge of, a girl who is 5 years younger (I am 23, she is 18), is an angel. Sweetest person you will ever meet. Unfortunately, I obviously can't make any moves to form a relationship while she is still an employee. It would be a huge source of workplace drama, as well as a strain on any potential relationship I might have with her. Right now we are only friends, we've only just started making plans to potentially spend time together outside of work.

She is heading off to college this fall, which means she is leaving the workplace. I would love to try to take this opportunity to make things work, because she seems interested, but now, rather than our job getting in the way, it will be distance; she is going to be at least an hour or two long drive away from where I live, and not only that, but I am well aware that college is where one is most likely to meet a potential new partner. Additionally, I worry that her family (and even my family) will judge me for the fairly significant age difference between us if we did get together. I've been debating with myself whether it is even worth trying to turn this messy situation into a relationship, despite how wonderful she is to be around.

If you have any questions, I will edit the additional details into this post.
Looking for opinions: Age difference, work relationships, and college?
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