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Highly suspicious of the woman I've almost been seeing for a year?

I think my family set me up with my current girlfriend. I've always felt a little off about her, like she was keeping something from me. I met her online, and my family knew I was meeting women using dating apps at the time.

My parents live only a few miles away from me, and last week I went to a bbq for her uncle who lives just a few blocks away from my dad. I get the feeling that they had her search for my profile, she did message me first, which almost made me write her off as a bot.

I remember clearly her asking me on our first date, "You don't feel weird like this is a setup, do you?" I didn't at the time and just thought it was a weird question. She talked and seemed to know about everything that I liked.

Over the months a couple times when we had been arguing and not talking to each other, my father would call me out of the blue, and just happened to ask about things that would bring her up in conversation.

Too many coincidences keep happening. I feel like I need to start testing to see if they've been telling her things about me to keep me with her. She seems to have forgotten about things that we both had in common when we started dating, like she was told what to say to me. Everything just seems off.

Am I just being paranoid? I feel like I need to break up with her. If there's any truth to this, I just don't know how to feel about that kind of betrayal of trust.
Highly suspicious of the woman I've almost been seeing for a year?
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