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Am I in the wrong here?

A bit of background, I am a massage therapist and I work on both men and women of all ages. So I was working on this girl, age 22 she came in and asked for a full body massage and when I asked her to disrobe once I left the room she pointed out she had no underwear on. That was a bit strange but it's what ever you do you. I step out and come back in and she still has her bra on, it's not ideal but whatever, and I start the massage. I eventually ask her to turn over and she says I want to take my bra off I say sure and turn around. The rest of the massage proceeds as normal, she pays and she leaves. Nothing sexual happened between us. I relay all this to the girl I'm dating at the time and she gets furious with me. I try to explain it to her that it was just me telling her about my day and that it'd be better for her to know then to just keep it to myself. The point is: am I the bad guy for telling her what happened? Or is she just over reacting?
Am I in the wrong here?
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