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Why was it hard for him to say goodbye?

We use to work together when he found out I was leaving he started acting odd cold towards me usually really nice extra helpful etc. We seemed to like each other. When I told him I was leaving he just like yeah I heard. I said bye to him he shook my h So I left came back month later to work there for another month. He seemed happy welcomed me back he acted okay felt like he liked me but held back more. Anyway then it was day before he was leaving the work to move away. I asked him if his last day was tomorrow (tuesday) . He was like no Wednesday. Told someone he told me Wednesday so they were like yeah he's going Wednesday. His last day came in morning I walked in the room he stared at me as I walked in. Later I'd gone out to do something came back into the room girl saying again yeah he's going on Wednesday whole room just went quiet. He told people he didn't want to say goodbye to me. Went down other side of room overheard people. telling him good luck etc bye I overheard guy saying to him you should say goodbye to her, goodbye always the hardest last chance won't see her anymore. After left without saying anything to me. He really went out of his way to avoid saying goodbye or want me to say goodbye to him like was scared or something. He's was moving to Canada. Now 2 months laterI he blocked me on instagram only recently?
Why was it hard for him to say goodbye?
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