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How to get over a breakup?

So I have been feeling not like myself these past two months. Me and my boyfriend at the time broke up because he cheated on me with an escort after a fight. So many things went into it, we were together for two years. We had a fight the day before he cheated on me and I tried to see him the day he cheated but he didn’t want to see me because he was meeting up with the escort. But I didn’t know that, e ended up telling me three days later. I cut communication with him, when he first told me I wanted to work it out with him. But it was too difficult for me and I knew I had to let that relationship go.

Well he contacted me a month after saying he never had sex with the escort that he met up and paid her, and just wanted to use that to manipulate me. So I could understand how it would feel to be cheated on since I didn’t understand him and his past. I haven’t spoken to him, but I still feel down about all of this. My self worth and self esteem are at its lowest. I’ve been depressed and can’t see myself happy. I stopped talking to friends and have been trying to focus on myself. But knowing everything he did the secret accounts, manipulation, and meeting up with the escort has still shook me to its core.

I know people say “get over it” or “it’ll pass”. But I’m so tired of feeling depressed and feeling so low. I hate what he did to me, I hate how he ruined me. Any advice or tips for anyone who experience this would help. I could just really use people to talk to.
How to get over a breakup?
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