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Is it weird to date your step-mother’s nephew?

My dad recently got married to my step mom a year ago and she lives somewhere else. We went there to visit them for vacation. I met her family. The boy that I like is my step-mother’s cousin’s son, i googled and found that means he's her first cousin once removed? but she just calls him her nephew. So I have a step cousin that I lived with over there and really consider him like real family, but her other newphew (the one that i like) didn’t feel like a real cousin because he didn’t live with us, and we ended up liking each other. I asked the rest of our family for advice before telling him I liked him and they said it’s totally fine and that we’re not related in any way. They even supported us and encouraged us to be together. But when I told my bestfriends they were kind of shocked at first and thought the idea was a little weird, but of course they still supported me. So I’m wondering what others think.
Is it weird to date your step-mother’s nephew?
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