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Some advice, please?

So my girlfriend and I have been together for close to two months now.
She’s dealing with something big now, something that requires a psychiatrist kind of big.
Her past isn’t exactly great and that’s something she’s working trough.

She told me she has difficulty talking to me about it, she feels like she can’t trust anyone (not gonna lie, that stings) but I get it, she said she needs distance, we haven’t spoken more than two words in the past month, she refuses to text me, call, or just talk when we see each other at work (yeah we work at the same place)

I don’t know what to do anymore, I’ve got some crap going on as well, my mother got very ill, the big C, my doctor sent me to get scans because my symptoms aren’t great either (coughing blood, pain in my chest / ribs)
It would have been nice to receive a message other than “I can’t talk, I need the distance”
Something that would show me I’m not all alone in this

She and I go back like 8 years now, we always been great friends, could talk about it all, since we started dating she’s pushed me away, and to be honest I feel like shit, I’m not sure wether or not I should keep waiting, I get that she needs to deal with her problems, but she completely shut me out, ignores my struggles completely and I can’t even speak with her anymore

I got my diagnosis two days ago, I appear to have a depression, I need to go see a shrink for it and can’t find it to tell her, part of me wants to create detachment and just leave all of this, end the “relationship” that hasn’t felt like a relationship since the first two days

I have no clue what to do and could really use some advice / help
Some advice, please?
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