What are some good ways to get involved in the dating world?

I'm not quite 21, but I'd like to get out and date for awhile instead of getting into a relationship so suddenly. I'd just like to know what the kids, us, do these days to find dates.


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  • umm say your in a party you like this girl , ask her out ..

    some use internet .. lots of webpages for that .. like tagged.com for example ..

    i guess normal places you hang out , see someone you like get their number, text, talk , whatever and go out..

    u in college?


What Guys Said 1

  • DON'T GO TO CLUBS! that is the worst places to find dates, for some reason ALL girls think that guys that ask them to talk to them just want to get into their pants so forget that place. The best place to find dates are save places for them; places where sexually explicit behavior is not acceptable, like clubs, class, sports, library and so on and so forth. PS: Don't use the internet, a lot of people on the internet make themselves look much better than what they are in real life, they go as far as putting other people's pictures, really creepy.