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Is my ex feeling me again?

One of my exes from high school recently came back into my life. I saw her when I went back to my hometown at a Waffle House and we started talking and one thing lead to another and we started making out. She has always been a very religious person as her whole family is too. In fact when we dated I never had sex with her and she even told me she’s a virgin til this day. We are both 24 years old.

Today we were talking over Snapchat and I told her I would be back in town again and I will be staying in a hotel and I said she should come over we would have more privacy than the Waffle House parking lot and she said she was fine with that. My question is am I going to take her virginity? What should I expect from a 24 year old virgin? I don’t even wanna talk about sex to her and scare her because I really like her but I also wouldn’t mind being on an intimate level with her.
Is my ex feeling me again?
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