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What would you think of this religious girl?

So you work with a shy religious Muslim girl that dresses conservatively at work and wears hijab the head coverings Anyway you add her on social media and see that she uploads pics of her without her hijab showing off her dyed blonde hair. She’s dresses more westernised and acts more confident in her pics, much to your surprise as your used to seeing her dressed and act very differently at Work. You also see a video of her flicking her hair like girls do in music videos. what would you honestly think of such a girl? Obviously you’d be shocked? Or confused? Would it turn you on? Would you think she’s a fraud? Would it make you more intrigued? Would you think she’s living a double life? Think she’s a undercover party girl or slut? Would you find her mysterious and interesting? Would you see it as a green light to even flirt with her? so how would your reaction be coming to work the next morning seeing her sit there with her hijab looking all coy, after seeing her in a different light?
What would you think of this religious girl?
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