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Dating a guy who is an open relationship? HELP?

I met a guy a few weeks back, and we really hit it off. We went on an informal date (it kind of just turned out to be a date) and then later on, he officially invited me on a date. The "official" date was amazing. It lasted for over 24 hours and it felt like we had this instant and intense connection. However, we tried to have sex during the night, but he was struggling a bit (he said he was thinking too much). We just laid in bed holding each other instead. The next morning we just laid in the grass kissing for hours until I had to leave. I invited him on a second date and he said yes. However, later that same day he called me and told me he had to cancel. Apparently he is in an open relationship with another girl (I didn't know), and he is in love with her. He said he believes in open relationships, but he has never been with anyone else but me (while being in an open relationship with the other girl) so right now he is very confused and uncomfortable. The confusion and uncomfortableness is why he had to cancel our date, he said. I think I responded with something along the lines of "oh, ok. I see. I guess things are just complicated sometimes. I had a good time hanging out with you and wish you the best" Honestly, I was quite taken back by what he said. He was having a hard time trying to explain everything, and I was struggling with just comprehending what was going on, so I didn't really know how to respond. And now I am confused. What should I make of this? What was he really trying to tell me or himself?
Dating a guy who is an open relationship? HELP?
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