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Is this a warning sign?

I'm getting to know this guy for a couple of months now. He's really charming teacher at a private school. From what I've seen he's old fashioned, does charity, and acts really supportive to people. Everyone I've talked to about him seems to think he's a really nice guy. His ex however sometimes crosses paths due to their social circle. She's quite, plain-jane (I'm not arrogant but I do actually think I'm prettier than her), kind of mouse-y, girl and acts kind of nervous/scared all the time but obviously making an effort to be polite and friendly around him. Whenever he gets around her, though he gets this look like he's "disgusted" and even rudely asked her to leave us alone once. I asked what was up with that and he said that she had "severely screwed up" and "lied and broke his trust". He won't go into details but he clearly doesn't like her. I do, however, know she broke up with him. Do you think he's not "over it"? Or do you think this is a red flag that he just doesn't take break ups well?
Is this a warning sign?
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