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How to work things out after boyfriend cheated?

My boyfriend has been distant and has been hurting over something that I didn’t know about lately. And last night he came clean that he cheated a little over a month ago. I had no clue, he confessed on his own. I’m hurt, shaken, confused and angry, and he is hurting, feeling guilty and sorry. But I realized that I didn’t want to lose him even over this and I want to work thorough and past it because he seems sincere in his apologies. I don’t want your opinion on if I. Should stay with him, I just want ideas on how we can work it out and be stronger after this horrible experience. Here is a snippet from one of the texts he sent me:
And I want to show you just how much you mean to me. I want to come home and start something new and start over. I want to do something to truly prove to you the past is the past and show you that you are my one and only and no one will ever ever take that from you and that I’m willing to work that hard just to prove it to you and that I’m willing to work that hard for our relationship from now on. I don’t want to ever come close to losing you again, I don’t want to make anymore mistakes, I never want to look at another female. Because you are mine, and I don’t want you to be anyone else’s. Only mine, and the way I look and stare at you I lose the world, I lose myself in your pretty blueish green eyes. They are perfect. Just like the rest of you, you may not think you are, but perfection isn’t real, perfection is a definition given to someone by someone who sees all their imperfections together that make them unique to who they are and perfect in their very own eyes. And when you find two people who see that in each other, that’s where you find love. And F***h A*****s, I do love you, and I’m going to have ups and downs throughout this but your right, I have an end goal and I want that more than anything and I won’t let anything stop me from what I want. Because I’m determined and am willing to do absolutely anything.
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How to work things out after boyfriend cheated?
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