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Have I f****d up?


Sooo I really need your opinions please.

I met a guy a while ago, and I recently unblocked him.
We had hung out a few times and both enjoyed it so much. But lately he was distant and so I asked him to go hang out twice and he both rejected my invites. When I asked him if he still wanted to hang out with me he said yes. I was truly convinced he liked me, by the way he acted and talked to me but whenever it came to texting/no irl contact he never initiated anything.
Okay so the reason I ended up blocking him was because we were gonna hang out on a Saturday, however the day before I told him that I could only make time in the afternoon. So the next day came and I texted him, he didn't reply so I'd send him a snapchat and he opened. When I saw that I asked him if he wanted me to come pick him up and he told me 'no not neccesarily'. He then texted me saying he was gonna go to a friend. I was pretty upset because he could have let me know the day before right. So I blocked his ass, but a week has passed and he sneaked back into my mind and now I can't stop thinking about him and I like this guy a lot. However I am still upset with him disrespecting my time. So yea I deblocked him but we're no longer connected on any social media platform. I really want to see him but we live in different citys so that won't happen, should I just move on or shoot him a text explaining why I dissapeared and ask him how he feels? I like to talk/communicate with people rather than ghost on them. But because he is so much on my mind I'm worried I don't see clearly.
We hadn't had a fight, I was just pissed he disrespected me and my time and decided it was better if I blocked him (so that I wouldn't be waiting for a text, checking my phone every second, could take back some control).
Have I f****d up?
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