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Is friends with benefits possibly catching feelings?

So last week my friends with benefits text me and asked why he never hears from me. I explained how i been busy and mainly I don’t really like to talk or text too much unless we are arranging to meet. Anyways we met up this past weekend and he came in me, usually he pulls out but this time he stayed inside me until he got soft. He wanted to spend the night afterwards (this would’ve been the 3rd time if he did) something he never done in the beginning, but he explained how he had to go take a drive to visit his mother upstate and showed me the texts messages between them trying to prove he was being honest which really didn’t matter to me but he told me he has nothing to hide and won’t tell me any lies... I'm starting to think someone’s catching the feels without feeling confident enough to express their emotions?
Is friends with benefits possibly catching feelings?
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