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Why Do I Fall For Lesbians?

Ok I’m a male who have dated girls my whole life. Of course when I use to be a teen I would just date a girl because she had big boobs or a fat butt. But that changed when I was fourteen I met a girl who literally blew me away. She was nothing like other girls. She was her own thing. I actually started to fall in love with her. Everything I wanted into a girl was in her. You see she was perfection at the time. When we finally went out she said you know I was a lesbian before I met you. That threw me off a little lol. We broke up because she had to move. After that I dated two more girls that were literally lesbians before they met me. But after I have been falling for more lesbians. Not on purpose but every time I describe a girl people would say that’s more of a lesbian. Every girl so far in 2019 that I like is a lesbian. Why is that? I don’t know until I get close to them, and by then I get rejected now lmao I’m not trying to find a lesbian I want a straight girl. But I’m so turned on by a girl who is herself. Why is that I keep falling for lesbians?
Why Do I Fall For Lesbians?
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