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Girls, what's his motive?

A guy I dated the beginning of this year texted me after six months of no communication. I'll admit it took me by surprise and it was sorta refreshing to hear from him. Anyway, I texted back a few hours asking "Who's this" (trying to seem cool and not too eager) and he replied literally within the hour and we had casual back and forth text the rest of the night.

The convo spilled over to the next day but then, it took him almost 24 hours to reply. I though ok, no big deal, probably busy. But then the next few days, he doesn't reply for a day and a half, almost two days later. This behavior is normal but what bugs me is how fast he replied to me that first day he texted me, which tells me he's not that super busy that he has to wait a day and a half to respond to one text.

I feel like he's playing games. My most recent text to him: "sorta random, but I'd be happy to talk on the phone in the future if you want, texting isn't really my thing" Do you think that was a good solution without seeming angry/frustrated with his texting patterns? All I know is after I sent that, I know there's a big possibility that I won't hear from him again lol any thoughts? Ps and if he didn't feel like there was any connection, why would he text put of the blue, be consistent in the first few texts, and then be inconsistent after? Ugh I give up on guys.
Girls, what's his motive?
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