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Do I talk to him and get closure?

My boyfriend and i were dating and very much in love... there's no doubt about that. However, he ended it with me (and i agreed as well because it just wasn't working out). No bad blood, no bad endings, we are still friendly and love each other very much.

Even though we ended, as much as i feel relieved, i feel extremely sad and can't stop thinking about our memories and relationship. I miss him so much and the feelings will never go away.

Im slowly getting better and not talking to him as been helping, HOWEVER, when we get back to college (end of august) he said he wants to talk about everything. Im taking it as his closure? Im just scared because i feel okay now that im not seeing him but once i do see & talk to him, i know ill cry. What do i do? Do i tell him no or do i talk to him then?
Do I talk to him and get closure?
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