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Why are Western women attracted to height? I don't get the reasoning?

There are many cultures around the planet where the women don't find height attractive:

"For height, the correlation coefficients between parents were 0.085, 0.104 and 0.096 for methods (a), (b) and (c) respectively. The standard error is approximately 0.07 for all three coefficients, which are therefore not significantly different from zero. There is thus little evidence of assortative mating for height in this population."
"How universal are human mate choices? Size does not matter when Hadza foragers are choosing a mate."
"Body height preferences and actual dimorphism in stature between partners in two non-Western societies (Hadza and Tsimane')."

Now, the first law of behavioral genetics is that all behavioral traits in humans are at least partially heritable. I'm not familiar with any studies on the heritability of sexual attraction, but this means that the attraction to height could have genetic influence. Then again, not any of these cultures are anywhere near Europe, so the attraction to height could be a product of divergent evolution.

Another hypothesis I've heard is that a taller man will make them "feel safer" and be more "manly and protective," but if a 6'0 man or a 5'6 man gets in a fight with a lion or bear, no matter how strong or tall they are they're going to die. Maybe it's because a tall guy is more likely to scare away megafauna? In addition, there's no correlation between height and dangerous megafauna as far as I'm aware. People towards the equator tend to be shorter. The Nilotes are only really tall to help with the extreme heat.

The tallest people on the planet live in Northern Europe, South Sudan, and the former Yugoslav republics. Since 8000 years ago tall height was selected for in North Europe and Illyria, but was selected against in Italy and Spain.
Why are Western women attracted to height? I don't get the reasoning?
Why are Western women attracted to height? I don't get the reasoning?
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