My ex boyfriend and I still hang out at parties and flirt a lot?

We always hug before he or I leaves and he always tries to be alone with me but then just treats me like a friend when we are alone. We have the exact same personality, and love all of the same things, he's had one girlfriend since me but she was a mistake and she was crazy, now apparently she is still bothering him all the time and everything even though she has a new boyfriend. I don't want to seem like I'm bothering him, but he's moving soon and I want to see him more before he goes, so is it bad that I text him and ask to hang out sometimes? Like he makes no moves but he flirts with me so much and looks at me the way he did when we where together still, we bring up old times and laugh at all the same jokes and everything. What do you think this means? We are both 19. And also, I gave him a picture I drew from when we were dating, that I had forgotten to give to him, and told him not to open it until I wasn't around, and told him not to laugh when he looks at it. it was a really good drawing of him and I together, I thought he would text me or something commenting on it but hasn't. I don't know what to do..


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  • Theree could always just be an attraction there it doesn't mean he wants to marry you