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How can some guys be so cold?

My now ex boyfriend broke up with me today. We were together for 6 months and a half. But friends for a little over a year. No cheating or anything like that happened. But he got tired of my anxiety, it caused a lot of arguments.

I’m 4 months pregnant. Having a boy. My ex told me a lot of things, like that I’m his soulmate. And that this relationship is worth fighting for, and that he wants a family with me, etc. and that he wouldn’t let me do this alone.

Now that we’re broken up tho, it’s like he’s a complete different person. I asked him what he wanted to do. Like if he wants any updates on our baby, for me to call him when I go into labor, and how we would share custody? Or if he doesn’t want to be involved.

He agreed to not being involved. For me not to just leave him alone. How does someone go from saying he doesn’t want to give up on his family to saying he wants to sign over his parental rights? I don’t understand...
How can some guys be so cold?
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