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Why did he leave when we were getting close?

We have known eachother for about 3 years, we were seeing eachother, then stopped. Anyway we started talking again, he was abroad for work. We have been talking none stop for 3 months. He has come to mine and yes, we have had sex etc. But he would say things like when I live at your house and you can put pictures of us up together. He was even talking to me about going to a show. Anyway, he has been alittle more distant passed few days, and I gave him his space. So one night when he was suppose to be coming round he messaged me at 9pm saying he was asleep. So I said to him, if you don't want to do this anymore,
tell me. He replied with if that's okay, I don't want be be a c**t and I'm going away in 10 weeks again for work so don't want to mess you around. I do really like him, and want to know what I've done wrong? What do you think? Why has he changed his mind?
Why did he leave when we were getting close?
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