Should I kiss him first?

I've been talking to a guy on and off recently. We both admitted that we liked each other, but things had cooled off a bit. We hung out the other day and things went well, we joked and play fought, he touched my leg and tickled me (we're pretty playful) but I'm insecure about his feelings for me because sometimes he just doesn't talk to me for a week and the next minute things seem fine. Right now we are just friends but I want to go further than just hugging. Should I kiss him? Or will I get rejected?

The reason were not dating is because we have a complicated relationship, he doesn't want a commitment and I have trust issues, but we are both looking for something light and flirty with each other.


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  • well, if my actual girlfriend didn't kiss me, we wouldn't be together... I never give the first move! hahahah she approached me first, and kissed me first so... if he tinks like me, he won't kiss you unless if you kiss him first!

    • Why are you like that if you don't mind me asking? I feel like he is the same way, but the thing is he isn't shy at all. He just doesn't make the moves

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    • yah, but you should speak with him about it... my girlfriend told me she was sad because I never had the initiative and she was thinking I was bored of her...

      so I started to have initiative for some stuffs...

    • I feel like that too! thanks! I'll try it.

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  • i don't thnk you should kiss him first, I believe the guy should be the first to initiate that. if you want to go further than hugging maybe you should ask him something like "do you see us being anything more than friends" ..i think that would be a better way to go

    • We already talked about it, we like each other but were not dating..

  • this isn't about you, it's about him. he seems to be playing hold and cold with you. before you get attched further, find out if he's even that into you

    • how would I find that out though?

    • if it's just light and flity, it doesn't matter if he's into you cause he won't reject a fwb

    • well I eventually want more than that.

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