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Is ignoring a text inappropriate or not, does it worth an apology?

i will trying to make the story as long as possible well first i'm 29 and she is 25 not sure lol...
we met at a club a while ago 3 or 4 months and then we saw each other again after that period she was in a relationship but she broke in a bout 1 month when we started hanging out..

she seemed interested in i confessed that i liked her but im rushing into relationship because i screwed before and she understand because she is coming from the same situation

so used to send texts on instagram and sharing photos we took together.. etc

one day she texted me i was busy i opened the message on instagram which is says read right and i was distracted so bad that i don't even remember seeing the message

2nd day i told her (which is the stupid move i feel i did) "i'm scenery sorry for not seeing the message i really didn't see it but shows here that i opened but i really don't remember seeing it" it was not a question or something that she was waiting a reply for but after i apologized she denied she sent anything...

i believe she was trying to get my attention which is nice but after me apologizing i asked how she is doing she replied normally no problem just fine. 3rd day i sent a message but she didnot reply and i deleted it it was another apology but i was like thats too much apologies for what?

how bad does it look for me? i might have offended her and i might show insecure or what ever is called but what can i do to fix this?
Is ignoring a text inappropriate or not, does it worth an apology?
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