I haven't heard anything from him since then....On to the next one?

He said he'd call if he happened to be near my apartment - this was Thursday. I haven't heard anything from him since then. I know he had a friend visiting this weekend and is crazy busy with work and has an insane social life...but my thinking is if he says he likes me as much as he really does, he'd take a second to at least text me. Last week he was out of town and called me from the mountains and then the second he got back. This week, nothing.

And he always ends our conversations by telling me to call him whenever I want. I don't know if this is a blow off or not. I've called him twice and when I did he sounded really happy and we talked for hours...

Boys are so confusing!


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  • ... no.. there is no reason to drop him just because he doesn't contact you every. single. day. you said he was busy, so be more understanding and give him that time. plus for guys (I know for a fact because its happened so many times) when theyre really focused on something, they wouldn't even think about anything else. so if he really does have a lot of work it might not just have crossed his mind that you want him to text you. this by all means DOES NOT mean that he doesn't like you.. it just means he's a typical guy. if he is talking to you and really happy about it then I don't think you should think too much of him not talking to you for a few days

    • You're right, I'm just used to men pursuing me and doing whatever it takes to be with me. He's not like this so it's weird to me.

    • ahh yea I get what you mean, well good luck, hope things work out