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Is there a chance of getting back together or is my relationship doomed this time around?

So me and my ex boyfriend have been together for 1year. We have both always been there for each other - doctors appointments, his surgery, he also helped me lose weight and get my drivers license. Occasionally we were having small stupid disagreements like about what I should wear, drama with his friends- he has always kept our relationship private. He was also in jail for 3 months. he was talking to me everyday saying how much he loves me and misses me and was talking to me about future plans. i was also visiting his parents house and him in jail. he knows I’m loyal to him and would never cheat on him.
Now as soon as he came out of jail, he began to act a bit differently: we were fighting more often (about what I should be wearing, my diet, and finances. 4 weeks ago he began talking to a mutual friend of ours whom recently broke up with her ex. I stayed home then he went out. So I was online after and suddenly this female tells me that she’s on a date with my man. I freaked out and was phoning her and my boyfriend then he separated with me cuz of that, yet he still has me staying over at his house cuz he wants to potentially fix things between us. He also tells me that he’s using her to show her off to our group of friends cuz he doesn’t want people to suspect that me and him were/are ever together cuz he was away for 3 months. Yet he talks to her everyday and is having sex with her and stays overnight with her on weeeknds... and he's with me during the week... he also says he doesn’t have those kinds of feelings for her and that she’s too tall for him. Now he also tells me that he prefers her in the sense that she listens to his fashion advice whereas I don’t always and she also cools him off when he’s hot whereas I don’t... he says it hurts him how someone whom he's not in love with does these things and I the girl he loves me, doesn’t... he also tells me that he would end things sooner than later with her if I show him improovements and be a “good girl”
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2 mo
I have also been helping him out with car payments every month and we were/ are practically living together in his parents house and he was always crying anytime I left and was saying that nobody loves him like I do and that he loves sleeping with me. Was also acting weird and saying that I’ll be sorry if I leave and that I won’t be coming back for a long time. He always wanted me with him everywhere before he went into jail... is he going through a phase cuz he was locked up?
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He was also saying that he felt unappreciated but I’ve always showed him that I care - went to the hospital everyday when he had his surgery, invested $400 in a spare phone line when he was in jail, bought him gifts and took care of his mom
Is there a chance of getting back together or is my relationship doomed this time around?
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