How to get her and play it cool like she is?


I met this girl off of a dating site, added her on fb a while ago and we started to chat more, hit it off on the phone, have loads in common and even went to the same school, we met and had a great night out and ended up at her place kissing most of the night and then the next morning, just holding each other that night. She is playing it really cool even though I know she likes me a lot, I have a feeling she is dating others - maybe.. And she is still looking for something as I saw her online on the site we met, yet when I mentioned it being playful on the phone she denied it. I am still looking too right now as we have just recently dated. What do I do or think from this point?


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  • Play it cool, things are going good. It's was a great date but, it's still too early for anything major. Ask her out again.


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