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How does he feel?

Last summer I was working and this guy read my name sign and found me on Instagram. Then we met at a festival and ended up kissing. After that I went on vacation and we talked everyday. When I came home we spend time together about five days together and had sex twice (way too fast), until I had to go on exchange for a year and both of us cried when we said goodbye and he said “this isn’t the last I’ve seen you”. During the exchange year we talked a lot in the beginning and video chatted too. After a while it turned into just sending selfies on snap with no text on. In April he came and visited me with his family, we went to the beach, the mall and kissed. A month after that I returned home for two weeks, he asked if I wanted to hang out and we did. He was really into it and kissed me and tried to touch me. I liked kissing, but I told him to slow down with the touching because it went way too fast last time. He’s an overall really nice guy, but he’s also really boyish. He follows a lot of local girls on Instagram and he’s very outgoing. When I came home for good, he didn’t ask me to hangout, and I wasn’t sure if I really liked him or if it was more the idea of him. He’s has always been the one to take initiative, so this time I asked him “do you wanna hang out during summer?” He replied with that he was going on vacation but we could figure something out when he got back. Now he’s back and he hasn’t brought it up, and I’m not going to do it either. Some of his snaps has a girl in it, but the same thing has happened while I was on exchange and he hasn’t had a girlfriend in that time period. Now it’s a year ago that we met at the festival, and today is the last day I’m going there. I was there yesterday and I sent a snap that he replied but he hasn’t asked anything. He replays really fast to my snaps, but I have no idea what to believe. I’m 16 and he’s about to turn 18
How does he feel?
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